The Sixteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Computing

16-19 September 2019 | Riva del Garda, near Lake Garda, Italy

This is the sixteenth in the CIVIL-COMP series of conferences concerned with the application of computers to civil, structural and environmental engineering. The first Civil-Comp Conference was held in 1983. The conference will provide a forum for the presentation and dissemination of recent developments in the use of computers in civil, structural and environmental engineering. A major objective of the conference will be to link research and innovative ideas to engineering practice. Presentations describing technology transfer from recent research projects to practical projects are encouraged.

Keynote speaker

Dr Stephen Hendry, Arup, UK

Invited speakers

This conference runs concurrently with CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019: The Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing and Optimisation in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Participants may attend sessions, lectures and presentations from either conference.


This is the sixteenth in the CIVIL-COMP series of conferences that commenced in 1983. Previous events in the series have been organised by Civil Comp Press.

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  • Conference Chairs

  • Prof Barry Topping, University of Pécs, Hungary and Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Professor Peter Ivanyi, University of Pécs, Hungary

Editorial Board

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    Special Session Chairs

  • J.R. Banerjee, UK
  • Michael Beer, Germany
  • Sifeng Bi, Germany
  • M. Broggi, Germany
  • Jiri Brozovsky, Czech Republic
  • John W. Bull, UK
  • Cosmin Chiorean, Romania
  • Corrado Chisari, UK
  • Francesco Clementi, Italy
  • Alberto Corigliano, Italy
  • L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal
  • Marco C. De Simone, Italy
  • Marco Di Sciuva, Italy
  • Nicholas Fantuzzi, Italy
  • Fernando Ferreira, Portugal
  • Antonio Formisano, Italy
  • Marco Gherlone, Italy
  • M. Girardi, Italy
  • P. Ivanyi, Hungary
  • Bassam A Izzuddin, UK
  • Stanislav Kmet, Slovakia
  • P.B. Lourenco, Portugal
  • Gabriele Milani, Italy
  • Lorenzo Macorini, UK
  • C. Majorana, Italy
  • Andrea Manzoni, Italy
  • Stefano Mariani, Italy
  • M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo, Spain
  • M.G. Masciotta, Portugal
  • Jiri Naprstek, Czech Republic
  • A.Palmeri, UK
  • Carmine Pappalardo, Italy
  • E. Patelli, UK
  • D. Pellegrini, Italy
  • Joao Pombo, UK
  • Nicola L. Rizzi, Italy
  • Eduard Rohan, Czech Republic
  • Ginevra Salerno, Italy
  • J.G. Santos da Silva, Brazil
  • A.Sextos, UK
  • L.M. Simoes, Portugal
  • Alexander Tessler, USA
  • Patrizia Trovalusci, Italy
  • M.A. Valdebenito, Chile
  • Humberto Varum, Portugal
  • Anatoli Vassiljev, Estonia
  • Pengfei Wei, China
  • D. Yang, UK
  • Hexin Zhang, Scotland, UK
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